Children attend camp on their own, sleeping overnight on camp property during the session. Parents will drop their child off at camp on Monday and pick their child up on Friday depending on the session. Campers will have a chance to explore their sense of adventure, bond with others facing similar challenges, and step outside of their comfort zone in a place where “can’t” isn’t part of the vocabulary!

Here are the directions on How to Apply

View the Summer Camp Application Checklist to assist with registering with camp!

2019 Summer Camp Schedule:

Session 1- June 24-28: Craniofacial
Session 2- June 30th – July 3rd: Siblings
Session 3- July 8-12: General with Dermatology focus
Session 4- July 15-19: General
Session 5- July 22-26: Solid Organ Transplant
Session 6- July 29-Aug 2: General with Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine focus
Session 7- Aug 5-9: Skeletal Dysplasia
Session 8- Aug 12-16: General with Oncology focus

General Condition Sessions serve campers with life altering medical conditions including but not limited to:  cerebral palsy, chronic kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, epilepsy, genetic syndromes, mitochondrial disease, reconstructive pelvic medicine conditions, and traumatic brain injuries. If you have any questions about whether or not your child has a qualifying medical condition, please email our Camper Coordinator

Sibling Camp is a week for siblings ages 7 – 16 of campers who have attended a program in 2016, 2017, 2018, or who have applied to attend in 2019. Siblings attend camp without the camper with the medical diagnosis. If a sibling cannot attend the designated sibling session, their application may be reviewed for another session on a case by case basis if spots are available.

Medical Eligibility

Camp Korey is an inclusive camp. We strive to provide the resources necessary to accommodate the needs of most campers with serious health challenges. To ensure all campers have a fun and safe experience we established the following eligibility and participation requirements in a summer camp program:

  • Campers must have an eligible diagnosis.
  • Campers are between 7-16 years old (BLOCK is for campers 16 to 18 years old).
  • Campers who are 16 years old may choose between Residential Summer camp or BLOCK programming.
  • Campers do not have a recent history of aggression toward others or self.
  • Campers are able to communicate needs either verbally or by using other non-verbal means.
  • Campers have a minimum developmental age of 5 years old.
  • Please be advised that no child is guaranteed to be accepted to camp. Applications are reviewed and acceptance is based upon health care needs, space, and other considerations.

Processing Your Application

Your camper’s application will be reviewed by our Medical Team once the application is COMPLETE. Once the complete application is submitted our Medical Team will review it and you will be notified of your camper’s enrollment. Due to high volume of applications it may take up to 6 weeks to be notified of your camper’s enrollment status. Enrollment is based on eligibility and completion date (first completed, first reviewed). It is best to complete the application as soon as possible to try to avoid a waiting list.

If you are arranging transportation from out of state, please plan on flying into either the Bellingham International Airport or Paine Field. We will also be partnering with Angel Flight, which offers flights free-of-charge for campers within a 300 mile radius of Camp Korey. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Faller at


Unfortunately, Camp Korey may not be able to accommodate all who apply to camp. While we would love to be able to welcome everyone, we do have a limit to the available camper spots so first completed, first reserved. If a session is already full, your camper will be put on a waiting list once all forms are complete and you will be notified. You will be notified if a reservation becomes available.